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Created in 2014 by Sofia Tsirakis, as an artistic platform for the production of copyrighted works, partnerships and collaborations. It is also formed by the musician and composer André Balboni. It focuses on dance in a transdisciplinary dialogue, mainly with music and theater. Through actions such as artistic creations, jams, workshops and classes, it also seeks greater dialogue with the general public.

Sofia Tsirakis is a dance artist, philosopher, and educator. Seeks the essence of dance in its ritual and everyday form. He graduated with academic distinctions in Philosophy and the Arts from Princeton University (USA, 2004-08), where he received awards for his thesis on duration in Henri Bergson. She started dancing in her childhood when she was four years old. She studied body awareness, ballet, contemporary and modern dance, and improvisation with Beth Bastos, Zélia Monteiro, Lu Favoreto, among others. He graduated from the Merce Cunningham Studio Professional Training Program and attended Movement Research (NY, USA).


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