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Tangos Brasileiros proposes the meeting of the forgotten Brazilian tango of Chiquinha Gonzaga, Ernesto Nazareth and Henrique Alves Mesquita with the traditional and modern tango of Piazzolla and contemporary tango. Through the story of Chiquinha Gonzaga, a reflection on the female condition and the place of culture in memory emerges. In a dialogue between dance, music and visual arts, a ritual is created that recovers poetic roots from South America.


Creation: Polyphonic Dances

Music: Brazilian Milonga by André Balboni

D ancing: Sofia Tsirakis, Talita Vinegar, Felipe Stocco

Projection: Alessandra Duarte

Lighting: Morim Lobato

Video: Juliana Munhoz & Tomaz Viola

Production: Iolanda Sinatra and Margarida Sequeira

Costumes: Beatriz Rivato

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