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The dance show Bailar na Vereda: Tangos Brasileiros, presented by Danças Polifônicas. Artist Sofia Tsirakis, who signs choreography, dialogues with the Brazilian origins of tango, following the trajectory of the musical style from Buenos Aires to recent compositions, created by musician André Balboni. female inside one body, in a battle of love and drama to the sound of tangos, In dance, Sofia Tsirakis creates a ritual that recovers the Latin American roots of tango. Between contemporary compositions by André Balboni and videos created by Juliana Munhoz and Alessandra Duarte to compose the scenography, the dancer explores the intense musicality of rupture, passion and melancholy.


Creation: Polyphonic Dances

Dance: Sofia Tsirakis

Musical Direction: André Balboni

Video: Juliana Munhoz & Alessandra Duarte

Costumes: Bia Rivato

Lighting: Pati Morim Lobato

Light Operation: Amanda Amaral

Executive Production: Iolanda Sinatra

Disclosure: Amanda Suzuki

Press Office: José Mauricio

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