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 This three-day experience led by Morena Nascimento aims to provide an experience with dance through technical-poetic practices guided by a transdisciplinary approach to Dance and in line with some aspects of the creation process of Mama Si Ya. Through images and symbolism Morena invites participants to investigate qualities that relate to the chaining and fluidity of movements, generating a dance that seems to imitate the flow of a river. Guided improvisations and repetition of choreographic scores will be the way to investigate certain relationships between the body and space, with music, with time and with the texture of feelings produced in the experience, searching for continuous flows, of a liquid nature, sometimes in calm , now in revolt. In addition to generating choreographic situations in unison, Morena also guides this process in the search for awakening a territory of free and authorial creation for the participants, which can provoke the construction of their own intimate dances.


This is an opportunity to deepen the work that Inaê Moreira, artist, black woman, and mother, has been developing for a few years with the Dança Intuitiva project, and also through her artistic work autonomously. The Yoruba proverb "Emi kó ní kán. Emi ní Egbe" – “I am not one, I am a community”, translates well what led her to express this invitation. “The possibility of sharing dances in depth
and the knowledge we inherited from our African ancestors, and with that, create a community of study, movement and celebration of our vitality, even in such difficult times." Yoruba knowledge and its immense cultural contribution are the source of this work. The Iabás reveal to us how to embrace our powers to move forward. In this space, through four meetings, we will nourish our creativity through
intuitive dance.

“Our ancestors always danced, they knew that as everything in nature has movement, moving consciously was being in full balance with the cosmos. These dances for fertility or to celebrate a harvest are recorded in drawings on the walls
of Merkuts from ancient Kemet, and also come to us when we worship our Yoruba ancestry – the dance of the Orixás. I believe that our spirit holds this wisdom. We know how to dance, intuitively. I invite us to awaken this power, here and
now, orbiting with the stars, reborn with each moon, like everything that is alive.”

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